To guarantee success in doing business with us, we ensure the following:

At the right price

We source materials for our clients at the right prices using our streamlined purchasing techniques and know-how. Our experience in the industry also accounts for your leverage in bargaining the right prices for our clients.

From the right source

We tailor sourcing of materials towards the location of each of our clients. This will minimise the delivery delays, higher transportation charges and improve the personal contact between us and the supplier and also enable quick turnaround times.

At the right specification

For producing goods of best quality, we make sure that our clients recieve materials that have passed accredited standards tests. We take into account brand names and trade names and our clients' own standards policy.

In the right quantity

We purchase materials at right quantity, the quantity that may be purchased at a time with the minimum total cost and which obviates shortage of materials, ensuring and maintaining a regular flow of materials for carrying the production activity

For delivery at the right time

The time at which the purchases are to be made is of vital importance. In every case, we make sure that items are delivered before our clients' stocks reach the minimum level